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Celebrating National Ag Day
In honor of National Ag Day, all of us at RCIS would like to sincerely thank ag producers and crop insurance agents for the vital role you play in supporting American agriculture... More
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RCIS is the leading provider of agricultural insurance in the United States.
In addition to providing insurance on more than 130 different crops under a variety of plans, we deliver technology and services designed to aid our agents - together we protect America’s farmers and ranchers.
Since 1980, RCIS has helped reshape the privatized crop insurance business by offering a comprehensive line of insurance products and services to meet the unique requirements of producers, adding crops as new varieties emerge and developing new types of coverage when needed.
As the nation’s leader in crop insurance, we are committed to delivering industry-leading tools and resources to help both producers and agents.
RCIS currently conducts business in all 50 states. We are members of National Crop Insurance Services and the Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau, Inc.


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