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Agent with wrenchAbout RCIS Agent tools
Welcome to RCIS agent resources and tools. The resources below are custom designed to meet the needs of agents, enabling you to be more efficient and to better serve clients. RCIS is committed to delivering technology solutions that simplify communications with us and your clients. Whether it’s filing and signing a claim through a mobile device or downloading updated marketing materials, this website is your go-to for resources.
Claims Center
An agent’s one-stop Claims Center for information, tools, and resources. Easily access notices and claims information, documents, photos, adjuster notes and history. View documents used to finalize a claim such as appraisal worksheets, scale tickets, settlement sheets and gin records. The Center also features the ability to chronologically view the history of multi-peril claims. The new Claims Center enables agents to submit notices of loss, obtain Producer Summary Reports, and request 100 percent first crop indemnity
CIfyiSM site
CIfyi is an online portal for RCIS agents that provides access to essential resources such as CILearn, RCIS Software Central and the Accounting Center. Information on crop insurance updates and annual certifications for non-disclosure and conflict of interest are also available.
CILearnSM site
CILearn is a learning management system used by agents and agency affiliates to search and register for crop insurance and software training. You can also take online courses, complete competency tests and view transcripts for scheduled and completed training.
CIMarketingSM site
The CIMarketing site is a resource for collateral and tools to help promote your agency. Order seasonal sales brochures and postcards; download ads, flyers and agricultural images to support your marketing efforts.
CIMax® software
Keeping track of all your crop insurance business with the evolutionary CIMax software makes it extremely easy to calculate and track quotes, APH records, acreage reports, and notice of loss. Mapping services have also been updated with the addition of FarmMaps to the CIMax software.
RCIS MobileTM app
Available in either Android or iOS, this app allows agents to look up policyholder contact and coverage information from anywhere they have an internet connection. Submit a notice of loss (NOL) and monitor claims real time to keep your policyholders informed. Access policyholder and claims information and customer documents, instantly and securely in one consolidated view. Launch our CIQuote quoting software and generate quotes from your mobile device. 
CIQuoteSM tool
Quoting has reached an innovative level of effectiveness and ingenuity through the CIQuote tool. This feature essentially combines the former quoting tools into one easy to use program. Easily compare plans, levels, options and unit structures with just a click of a button. Pricing is updated daily in real-time during discovery period. With just one tool, you can better serve your customers by automatically quoting most crops insured on the policy in a matter of seconds. The CIQuote tool is accessible online making it available through a mobile device or tablet as well as your computer.
Mapping services
One consolidated mapping window provides integrated mapping services for all of your mapping and common land unit reporting tools. The Quick Plant Option is an easier way to enter planting data, year to year. Full farming operation support at the CLU level. Mapping data is linked to the RCIS acreage reporting functions and CLU reporting for efficient processing capabilities. Robust printing tools with outputs from wall maps to insurance booklets. Easy import of FSA information. Platform for precision farming data import into RCIS systems.
Online electronic documents and signature services
Eliminate the need for paper by filing everything online, ultimately saving time and money. With electronic documents, you and your policyholders can access policy documents through the document library or the Agent Data Delivery System (ADDS) helping bring focus to pertinent information in an easy-to-use library. You can also save time by using digital signature services through CIMax software and Digital signature for claims available – allows producers to sign claims at their convenience.
Upload GPS-based planting data into CIMax AR mapping systems for acreage reporting using RCIS portal services, saving time and maximizing efficiency. Successful integration of mapping into the acreage reporting process makes it easy for you to link fields to units for common land unit reporting requirements.​ Ag Leader’s SMS™ Software and Trimble’s Farm Works™ Mapping software are now part of RCIS’ Precision Farming service, improving communications between you and your policyholders.
Portal services
RCIS offers agents a user-friendly, industry leading system for accessing precision farming data through portal services. It works by uploading GPS-based planting data directly into CIMax AR Mapping systems for accurate acreage reporting, saving time and maximizing efficiency. This system has the unique ability for both producers and agents to upload data through a secure transmission. Better serve your producers by taking advantage of our tools in portal services. Contact your RCIS field representative for more information.
Simplified Claims
Simplified Claims Process is like an express lane for qualified claims. It gives agents and insureds control over how quickly claims are worked while helping RCIS serve producers more efficiently. If qualified, your policyholders will work with an experienced adjuster to complete the claim by phone and email eliminating the need to meet onsite, meaning quicker service for your producer.


Our mapping system gives you cutting-edge imagery in an easy to use format, with access to CLU data for accurate reporting.

Digital Signatures for Claims

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